A Fashion Revolution Tailored for the Youthful Crowd

In a departure from previous Osti lines, ST95 emerged as a collection designed with the younger consumer in mind. It featured a carefully curated palette of limited colors, each harmoniously complementing the others. The concept behind ST95 was to empower customers to personalize their clothing, selecting their preferred colors and fabrics. Imagine having the ability to mix and match elements to create your unique jacket or pair of trousers. This level of customization included options like choosing different removable inner linings to suit individual tastes.

Interestingly, ST95 bore no visible signature or mention of Massimo's name, yet it quickly carved out a significant niche in the fashion market. Its commercial success was immediate, leveraging a broader distribution network to meet the soaring demand for the sportswear that Massimo had masterfully crafted over the years with his previous brands.

Today, we gaze ahead into the future, fueled by the dynamic spirit of ST95. The vision remains firmly anchored in both the rich heritage of the past and the boundless potential of forward-thinking youth. ST95 is a testament to an unwavering commitment to technical sportswear, where fabrics, colors, and fits take center stage. In the footsteps of the legendary Massimo Osti, the legacy endures across all the labels he brought to life, and ST95 proudly carries that torch.