ST95 was the creation of Massimo Osti who was born in Bologna, Italy. His career in the fashion industry started in the early 1970’s designing t-shirts and was the first to use new techniques like the four colour process and silkscreens. His first main brand was Chester Perry which was rebranded to C.P. Company in 1978, he then went on to launch Boneville and Stone Island.

"Jump and the earth will rise to meet you..."


In 1993 Massimo Osti relinquished the 100% shares of C.P. Company & Stone Island to his business partner, Carlo Rivetti, allowing the formation of left Hand Studio which became part of Massimo Osti Production and was aimed at a more discerning customer. ST95 was launched as a second line to Left Hand Studio focused directly to a younger consumer. ST95 was a collection in a limited amount of colours and fabrics, with the company donning the strapline “jump and the earth will rise to meet you”. The line ceased in 1999 and was Massimo Osti’s most commercially successful line at the time.

Regenerated with responsible design at its core


Today, we look to the future with ST95, or as some like to write it, ST Ninety Five. Still with the past and the forward-thinking youth in mind, the output will be defined by technical sportswear all about fabrics, colours, and fits, sold to a limited retail network in limited numbers. The legacy of Massimo Osti lives on in all the labels he has created and ST Ninety Five will be no exception.

The latest collection is now available online and in select retailers around the globe. 

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